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What is Costa Blanca Real Estate Selection?

The Costa Blanca Real Estate Selection was created with the aim of approaching international markets by a group of development companies with a long history (over 50 years) in the world of real estate on the Costa Blanca and with the backing of PROVIA (The Association of Real Estate Developers in the Province of Alicante).

Whats Offering Costa Blanca Real Estate Selection?

  • A property portfolio comprising high quality new build homes.
  • A group of financially sound developers with large land reserves that enable them to continue building.
  • Guarantees provided on all products and extensive after sales services for customers.
  • A homogeneous working environment and interactive communication with our partners.



The Association of Real Estate Developers of the Alicante Province (Asociación de Promotores Inmobiliarios de la Provincia de Alicante (PROVIA)) is a non-profit business organisation which was established on the 4 November 1981 and which includes the majority of real estate developers operating on the Costa Blanca.

The purpose of the organisation is to promote and represent the business interests of real estate developers in all economic and social areas, and to drive and promote the highest quality standards among its associates.

To achieve this, PROVIA has a robust, modern organisational structure and the necessary management capacity to respond to its associates’ needs.

Behind the PROVIA corporate image is an experienced group of real estate developers and planners, who have voluntarily joined forces to offer their best services to customers, providing superior quality products to ensure their continuity and permanence in the sector through continuous learning and information.


Traditionally, the Costa Blanca is a favourite destination for foreigners buying holiday homes, therefore many of our associated companies specialise in holiday products designed specifically for these customers.

These firms have amassed significant experience extending over 50 years, in many cases, which enables them to offer guarantees and professional services which are hard to find in other parts of Spain, and which are even scarcer in other holiday destinations.

Aware of the importance of this value to customers buying homes in foreign countries, several companies have joined forces to raise awareness amongst buyers of these advantages. This group is made up of some of the most solvent, experienced companies on the Costa Blanca, which offer a high quality portfolio of some of the best products in the area.

Customers buying homes from our members are assured of the following guarantees:


a. PROVIA has a “customer ombudsman” available to all its clients, to advise and mediate in any disputes that may arise during the purchase process. All buyers are able to contact PROVIA by writing to

b. The companies in the group have also signed a document which commits them to provide customers with the best possible service, top quality products and, first and foremost, guaranteed legality and security in all aspects of the business. This Code of Ethics is signed by all members and contains all their commitments to guarantee buyer security and confidence.


All products offered by the companies belonging to the group are of high quality and comply with all the regulations governing building quality, as well as the Law on Town Planning and Encouraging Quality Construction (LOFCE in Spanish). In addition, some of these companies already hold the Quality Profile certificate granted by the Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (Valencia Region Building Institute).


Together, the companies in the group boast many years of experience selling homes to foreign buyers who have traditionally been among the main groups buying homes on the Costa Blanca.


A good After-sales service is an extremely important aspect of property purchase because nowadays there are offers on the market that are tempting but which leave the buyer vulnerable when it comes to resolving any difficulties that arise after the sale.

All the companies belonging to the group have after-sale service departments that guarantee that any unforeseen matters or problems that may arise after the deed is signed are sorted out.